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Finalization of Civil Contractor

Finalization of Civil Contractor

Repair & Painting Work

Repair & Painting Work

Execution of All Works

Execution of All Works


A. Assisting the Society in selection and finalization of civil contractor to carry out the Repair Works at Society Buildings. This includes empanelment of prospective contractor, preparation of draft tender documents, floating the tender inviting bids (The agency shall bear the cost of paper ads and retain the tender fees) techno-commercial evaluation of offers, assisting in negotiations and recommendations for award of contracts to the successful contractor.

B. Preparing contract documents, work orders to be awarded to the civil contractor.

C. Appointing single point contacts from the Consultant as project manager and appoint a full time supervisor dedicated on the job for supervision of works.

D. Preparing overall execution / implementation plan for completion of repair and painting work at society Buildings including resources, storage facilities, Security requirements, safety, schedule of work execution in bar chart, cash flow chart, works quality plan, material receipt and storage, material Inspection, stage wise inspection of works, assistance required from Society, etc.

E. Supervising, managing, monitoring and overseeing all works of the appointed contractor to ensure that work is being executed according to the specifications and technical requirements. Co-coordinating between Societies’ authorized representatives, contractor, Society office bearers, third parties and other agencies working in the complex regarding repair and painting works at society buildings.

F. Exercising administrative, technical and financial controls over works being executed by the civil contractor.

G. Taking full responsibility for safe execution of all works as per specifications and to best quality and standards, achieving completion within agreed time frame and within the cost estimates or with the written approval from Society within reasonable variance to the cost estimates.

H. Establishing and implementing safety systems to ensure safety and structural stability of the buildings under repair & painting/adjoining buildings as well as safety and health of contractor’s personnel and resident’s society, Staff/Visitors/material and equipments.

I. Establishing and implementing quality assurance plans and procedures including checks, inspections, records, registers, material testing, interface with paint supplier and their technologists to ensure quality of workmanship and works. Approve samples of various materials to be used in the execution of the works, effect economy and avoid wasteful expenditure of material.

J. Establishing and implementing material handling and storage procedures including receipt of materials from supplier and verification of material vis-a-vis dispatch documents, maintaining records of material received and consumed proper storage and handling, etc.

K. Monitoring the progress of work and holding fortnightly review meetings with contractor and Society’s authorized representatives and submit progress reports with planned targets and actual progress achieved , areas of concern, remedial steps required and initiate actions, etc.

L. Advising the Society on all issues effecting proper and timely execution of works.

M. Advising the Society on insurance policies and other contractual matters regarding contractor’s performance.